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Take A Vow / Soundtrack Events Rockford, IL

I am a nondenominational wedding officiant who specializes in developing personalized wedding ceremonies. Whether you want a civil or spiritual, traditional or eclectic ceremony; I will use my experience and preparation to provide the ceremony YOU want. Getting married is one of the great joys of life, and I am honored to be a part of your day. T...more info

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Altar Lights Weddings Rockford, IL

At Altar Lights Weddings, we work with the bride and groom to create a custom ceremony, providing sample ceremonies, verses, vows, etc. Our goal is to make the bride and groom as comfortable and relax...more info

River House B&B Getaway Retreat Rockford, IL

The River House B & B Getaway Retreat is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, family vacation or group retreat. There are two riverfront guesthouses, well separated on five tree shaded acres. The...more info

Simply Sweet Ceremonies for your wedding Rockford, IL

Your marriage may be a large formal affair with many guests, or you may wish to have a private wedding with no guests. Maybe you want a unique or uncommon wedding. I offer custom ceremonies that can b...more info

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